It’s All Love…

In my experience,  the practice of medicine can be one of the most loving acts one human being to do for another. For any young students considering a career in medicine, let me just say that there are very few things in life that I have found more rewarding and self gratifying than the feeling of expressing my love for my patient through the act of caring. Care is a word that we throw around a lot in the medical field: homecare, urgent care, emergency care, intensive care, prenatal care, etc. But with the corporatization of healthcare, health insurance companies essentially behaving like our most profitable financial institutes, politicians demanding cutes in healthcare but more spending on defense, which inevitable leads to more illness. companies the emphasize on less spending, cheaper healthcare, big data analysis to drive efficiency etc. There are a growing number of impediments that interferes with the actual acting of caring for someone.  We build this massive systems with protocols, technology, quality assurance all with good intentions. But what a lot of us doctors and patients are experience is the dehumanization of the doctor patient experience.  In the pursuit of a more efficient, safer and cost effective system we forget about the care giver.  We miss the important distinction between taking care of someone (verb) and caring for someone (noun; state of being).  We can take care of someone rushing through a 15 minute office visit. But my sense is many of us don’t leave those encounters feeling like our doctors actually care f But tats that we as doctors are taught in medical school.  “Treat your patients like our loved ones.” We can take care of another human by performing the perfect surgery to remove their tumor but if we send them to recovery with blood strains all over their body for them an their loved someones to witness  one someone with the  But how well can we care for each other if we don’t have the time and or agency to really care.     

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